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4Charcoal  & 4White-Set of 8 Konjac body sponge「WANOCHIKARA」

4Charcoal & 4White-Set of 8 Konjac body sponge「WANOCHIKARA」

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A set  of  "pure white body sponge" and "jet-black body sponge".
This set consists of 8 sponges in total:  each 4-pieces White and 4-pieces Charcoal.

The"pure white body sponge" can be used by everyone , from babies to mothers.
Its weak alkalinity rinses away grime and dirt even without the use of soap.

The "jet-black  body sponge" is made by adding bincho-charcol to a face sponge.
It is perfect for people troubled by atopy or sensitive skin.

The absorptive action of the charcoal powder draws dirt and excess sebum out of pores,keeping skin clean.

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