1.Soak in hot water, and gently squeeze to soften.The sponge can be used once it has expanded sufficiently.

×Please do not use this product in its hardened state.

2.Lather with soap for a gentle wash.This product can be used with or without soap

×Please do not scrub vigorously when washing with this product.

3.Squeeze out excess water when done.
After use, rinse sponge with tap water and squeeze until soap and dirt have been thoroughly washed out.

Make sure not to wring out the sponge when done, as the konjac fibers are delicate.

4.Store in a well-ventilated area to dry.
* Recommendation:
More people have been putting the sponge in a plastic container and storing it in the refrigerator.
This allows you to use it regularly for a surprisingly long time.

×Make sure not to store it while wet.

The sponge should be changed out approximately once every 1 month.
Please use after take off one's makeup.
The fibers in this product will break down easily, so make sure not to store it while wet.
As no additives are used in this product, it may easily become moldy if not careful.
When using together with bath salts, make sure the bath salts does not contain enzymes.
Enzymes will dissolve the fibrous surface and breakdown the product.