Our Commitment


Most of our customers have sensitive or rough skin. Our first priority is to ensure that they can use our products with peace of mind. As a pioneer in the konjac sponge industry, our policy is to improve upon the original characteristics of konjac sponges (i.e. gentle feel and cleaning power) so that more people can use them with confidence.

We believe in the quality of handmade products, and we produce our products in a dedicated factory under strict quality and hygiene controls. No chemicals, antibacterial agents, or preservatives are used in our products. Additionally, we do not test any of our products on animals.


It All Starts with Water


 Our konjac sponge factory is in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture. This is the result of our quest to find a beautiful environment in which to produce our products. Saku is surrounded by mountains on all sides and is blessed with untouched nature.

Eighty percent of Saku’s tap water comes from springs and groundwater, as snowmelt from the Japanese Alps flows into the city. This pristine water is also used to produce agricultural products and sake.

Clean water is essential to the production of high-quality konjac sponges. Producing products that give our customers peace of mind starts with clean, pure water.