The Story behind Konjac Sponges


Gunma Prefecture has been renowned for konjac cultivation since ancient times. This is partly because the prefecture is inland and mountainous, making it ideal for growing konjac.

In the past, people grew their own konjac potatoes, in their own fields. They processed them by hand, producing only enough for their families. Uneaten konjac was repeatedly frozen and dried by hanging it outside for a few days during the harsh winter season. After this process, only konjac fibers remained, which could be used as sponges.

People in the past took advantage of the characteristics of konjac and the natural environment to make konjac sponges. In a time when clothing was not gentle, parents wanted to wash their newborn children comfortably and safely. The konjac sponge was born from such parental love.


Our Story

Established in 1990, we are a manufacturer of facial cleansing sponges and puffs made from the konjac plant grown in Japan. 

(This is a view of the crop shipping process about 100 years ago.The man pulling the cart is my grandfather.)

As our name, Yamamoto Farm, suggests, we started out by growing konjac, a local specialty, and green onions, immersed in nature every day.

Around this time, my daughter was born, and my 80-year-old grandmother recommended that I use a konjac sponge to bathe her. Back then, few people knew what konjac sponges were.

My grandmother made the sponge for me and, although it didn’t look pretty, I was astonished at how gentle it felt and how refreshing it was. Seeing the pleasant expression on my daughter’s face when we washed her body with a konjac sponge brought me so much joy.

Yamamoto Farm was founded on the vision of spreading the word about the beauty of konjac sponges. Over the years, we have been continuously improving the quality of our products, keeping our traditional manufacturing methods unchanged. We have created an environment that allows us to produce and sell our products consistently all year round.

Thanks to these efforts and positive word of mouth, our customer base has been gradually increasing. We have developed a reputation for producing all-natural facial cleansing products.

However, as konjac sponges grew in popularity, inferior, mass-produced products with chemical preservatives appeared on the market. We want to provide our customers with peace of mind when using our products, knowing that our products will provide a powerful yet gentle cleaning sensation.

With this in mind, we do not use any antibacterial agents, preservatives, or petroleum-derived additives—we only use natural ingredients in our products. We will continue to improve the gentle feel and cleaning power of konjac sponges and hope that more and more people all over the world will use and enjoy them.