Konjac Sponge KOMACHI

Konjac Sponge KOMACHI White 3 pieces /Green Tea 3 pieces total:6pieces


This set comes in plain white and Green Tea.

The fine vegetable-based fibers gently cleanse your skin.

white: Our best-selling pure sponge puff, its fine vegetable fibers gently remove dirt. The only ingredient is konjac, making this sponge perfect for people with sensitive skin or eczema.

Green Tea : This green tea sponge is made by adding matcha from Shizuoka to a konjac puff. Green tea has antibacterial properties along with a whitening effect that prevents spots and suppresses acne-induced inflammation.

Sold in sets of 6 at a discounted price.


White: konjac mannan,calcium hydroxide

Green Tea: konjac mannan, green tea powder, green clay, calcium hydroxide

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