Q&A about the konjac sponge

About konjac sponge

How long will konjac sponge last?
It will last for three weeks.
When you use it in accordance to the instruction, the sponge will last longer.
Although It takes a little time and effort, When you put it in a Tupperware and save in the refrigerator in the same way as additive-free cosmetics, , the sponge will last longer.
Please try this.
Where is the origin of the "konjac" which is the main ingredient of "konjac sponge" ?
Our konjac sponge is made from "konjac powder" ,processed from "konjac potato" produced in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.
The sponge is made from the high purity and carefully selected powder produced in alliance farmers.
Where is the konjac sponge produced?
Konjac sponge dedicated factory is located in Nagano Prefecture. The factory used to be in Gunma Prefecture, it moved in search of a more clean water.
Konjac sponge has been produced on the basis of thorough hygiene management in an environment rich in nature and pure water.
Is it safe to use the konjac sponge to babies?
Yes, of course.
Konjac sponge used to use for baby's first bath..
Since the soft cloth for the baby did not enter into the hands in the countryside, konjac sponge was used as a substitute.
Is a konjac sponge the one Yamamoto farm has developed?
No, it is not our developed products. Originally, there was customs that we use frozen konjac to wash the body in the winter from more than 100 years ago.
Using the freezer, We have been producing the sponge hygienically  throughout the year.
I heard that konjac sponge is good for people of atopy.
Is it true?
It is true.
Because Konjac sponge has two features, it is good for those people.
One is that it can wash gently your skin without rubbing.
One is that it can remove your dirt without soap.
Do you have any advice for me when i use konjac sponge?
Because konjac sponge is made from natural fibers, it has weakness in that a mold is likely to grow on it, and its fibers tend to decompose.
There is a possibility that improper usage drastically shorten the product life of the sponge.
Although It takes a little time and effort, Please read how to use and follow it in order to use the sponge longer.
Please do not put together the sponge and the bathing agent blended in a enzyme. It will decompose the fibers of the sponge.
I saw "sparkling white and soften konjac sponge" produced in korea at some store.
What is difference between korean sponge and yamamoto farm's sponge?
konjac sponges which produced in korea or china are colorized shining white due to fluorescent brightening agent.
In addition, they are kept themselves soft and wet by using preservatives.

Because we think that konjac sponge must be natural and gentle to the skin,
and we don't use any additives or chemical ones.
What is feature of the konjac sponge "WANOCHIKARA"?

"WANOCHIKARA" series are our new concept product that formulated seasonal plant components.
This series has been featuring "improvement of the cleaning function"and "various colors".
In japan, where can I buy yamamoto farm's konjac sponge?
Our products are sold in ginza, nihonbashi, kyoto, tokyo station, Narita airport and Haneda airport.

About order

Can i order that combination or quantity are diffrent from the product list?
Yes. We can deal with such orders.
Please contact from inquiry.
Can you take orders for OEM?
Please contact from inquiry.
Also,Please visit our website.